Hillary Potter and the Half-Retired Prince

Joe Biding was about to graduate with flying colors. In his time at Hogwarts, Joe had established such a strong presence that it was hard to imagine the school without him. Joe’s impending exit worried Hillary Potter in particular. She knew the trials that she and her allies would face in the coming years and she wondered if they would be able to weather them without Joe. He also had a swagger and an earnest demeanor that Hillary admired.

Could Hillary really do the unthinkable and ask Joe to become what the students called a “super seventh-year” -- somebody who had stuck around at Hogwarts for longer than the standard seven years? And would Joe say yes? Hillary knew there were others she could trust; in particular, Timotonous Kaine seemed like a safe choice.

But Hillary also knew that nobody was as safe as the tried and tested Joe Biding himself. Nobody had been vetted more than Joe, and nobody could be trusted more to be Hillary’s right-hand man. Joe was the only candidate who had been through all this before.

Story, calligraphy, and cartoons by Jeremy Pegg, known in the real world as Jeremy Peter Green, trademark attorney and founder of JPG Legal. Green files trademark applications for small businesses, intellectual property law being a natural path for a former cybersquatter. Note the cartoonish branding of some of his trademark offerings, particularly MarkHound.